Men over 35 years of age who want to restore their vigor & vitality

Testosterone is a hormone that is vitally important to the proper function of the human body. Testosterone levels decline with age, usually beginning for a man in his mid-30s.

Testosterone Therapy has changed my life…


What is Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that defines you as a man. It is responsible for your libido/sex drive, energy, strength, stamina, mood, cognition and more.

A condition called hypogonadism develops when your body can’t produce enough testosterone. If there’s not enough testosterone to go around, the androgen receptors all over your body and brain stay silent, leading to symptoms like low libido, weak erections and orgasms, inability to build muscle mass, low energy, or just feeling a little blue.

Our physicians offer testosterone therapy to alleviate the symptoms that accompany declining testosterone in males. Testosterone therapy can restore muscle strength and prevent bone loss. Men receiving testosterone replacement therapy may experience an increase in energy, sex drive, erectile function and sense of well-being. Knowledge is power, talk to our providers today about how to get started on creating a new and invigorated you! (hint: it begins with a simple blood test).

Figure Vitality uses Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets for optimal testosterone therapy.

The key benefit of pellet therapy is the sustained and steady release of hormones over an extended period of time (4 to 6 months).

What our patients have to say

I did not even realize how diminished my energy levels were and how fatigued I was until I got my energy back. Wow. What a difference it made.

—Mike H.

The HRT process at Figure Vitality was less expensive than my previous injection and cream treatments and has been much more effective in decreasing my symptoms associated with low testosterone.


The results of my testosterone therapy at Figure Vitality have been fantastic. The providers are great and the results of the pellet therapy have got me feeling like the “young” me again.


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