Women of all ages who want to restore their energy, mental clarity and sexual health.

Figure Vitality uses bio-identical hormone pellets for optimal hormone therapy. The key benefit of pellet therapy is the sustained and steady release of hormones.

“My mental clarity is so much better. Amazing!”

Hormone Therapy Experiences

Now offering Hormone Therapy for women

Patients receive a personalized consultation followed by an in-depth lab panel. The findings allow our providers to customize a treatment plan for each patient, resulting in optimal therapy and overall well-being.

Where there’s balance, there’s benefit.

The pellets used for hormone optimization match the bioidentical hormones produced by your body, resulting in the most effective and safe hormone therapy.

What our patients have to say

I feel like my young self again!


I’m going to grow old gracefully because of hormone therapy. It will forever be part of my routine.


Life Changing!


A very positive experience and I started feeling better in only a few days!


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